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Drive your website Traffic and Sales with Facebook Advertising

1.79 billion unique monthly active users are swiping their Facebook account at about 40 minutes per day. Facebook is one of the dominant social media that can give business owners the edge over the competition by finely targeting their potential customers.

Business can reach a specific consumer market on their marketing budget with the help of hyper-targeted Facebook Ads. When you choose the best Facebook Ads company, you can reach 1,000 Facebook users with less than $5 to $10. 

Invest in proven Facebook ads and reach the broadest possible audiences 

DigitX Media, a renowned Facebook Ads company, help businesses of all sizes transform their digital marketing strategies without breaking their bank. We create compelling Facebook ads that fuel your website with qualified traffic and more conversions.

Over the past few years, we are claiming our position as a top Facebook Ads company in the Digital Marketing space. We have given a golden chance to many business owners to connect with their customer through Facebook advertising directly. 

400+ Facebook marketing projects in 50+ countries

300+ clients’ specific Facebook marketing requirements

20+ Facebook Ads specialists

Our Facebook Advertising process is

DigitX Media Facebook Advertising process is simple, yet robust measure and tracks analysis that brings better results and maximizes your profits. As a quality oriented Facebook Ads company, we follow a structured process.

We start with Facebook Ad discovery where we learn more about you and your products

Next, we do Facebook competitor Analysis to gain knowledge about your competitor’s strengths

We begin developing engaging Facebook advertisements that are creative and includes high-quality images or graphics.

Once completed, We send it to your review and upon approval, the ads will be up and running in Facebook

We consistently monitor your ads and analyze the performance data

Last but not least, a comprehensive report highlighting your overall results that helps you to understand the status of your Facebook ads.

The key metrics of our Facebook Advertising service are increasing in clicks on your ads, Conversions from Facebook Ads, Relevance of Facebook Ads, and overall Awareness of Your Brand.

Use DigitX Media to Maximize your Facebook Ad Spend

Use a Facebook Ads company which can create, monitor, and optimize your Facebook ads. DigitX Media has experience in creating  Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook that helps you with effective

Influencer Marketing & Outreach.

The benefits of our Facebook Advertising are 

Reach more of your Facebook fans at less cost

Build your e-mail list of targetted customers

Create a solid fan base 

Target clients by demographics and especially, local market

Advertise to users who have visited your website and have returned without purchase

Nail your competitor’s fans

Why Us?

Being a high-quality Facebook Ads Company, our right approach to online advertising can generate the results you want. The targeted Facebook ads from this Facebook Ads company can directly drive people to your Facebook page.

Full-Service Facebook Ads that grows band awareness

Ad Design created by Specialists

Advanced Facebook Ad tactics

Facebook & Audience Network Retargeting

Dedicated Facebook Ads Account manager

Custom Photoshoots as per the requirement of clients

Continuous monitoring and regular reporting

One on 1 Strategy Consultations

Why wait??? Call us, the most preferred Facebook Ads company and talk to our Facebook. 

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